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Marc Behrens, © Ivan da Silva 2014 [5] Photo by Pedro Tudela 2010 [4]

Photo by Joana Machado 2010 [3] Photo by the Amazon rainforest 2008 [2] Photo by Jim Naughten 2007 [1]
Born in Darmstadt, Germany, in 1970.

Marc Behrens works internationally on several cerebral and physical levels, his work consists mainly of electronic and concrete music, installations and also photographs and video. Since 1989 he has released more than 30 music albums.
His activities since 2008 include sound recording in remote Western China, in Australia, Namibia and the Amazon, founding an incorporated company as a social art work, and staging a rite of passage for an investment banker. After producing radio works for WDR 3 and hr2-kultur, Behrens wrote the radio drama «Progress» in German language for Deutschlandradio Kultur in 2013, in which rituals serve to connect the artist’s family history since 1869 with technical and political history.

2006–2010 Marc Behrens was a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts, Saarbrücken, Germany (HBKSaar), and 2007–2009 at the University of Applied Arts Darmstadt-Dieburg, Germany. 2003–2007 he was co-director of the music label Sirr, 2006–2009 co-director of the Frankfurt Association of Contemporary Music (FGNM), 2010–2013 member of Granular (Lisbon). Behrens is a member of the German Association for Electroacoustic Music (DEGEM), and a citizen of The Kingdoms of Elgaland~Vargaland. 1989–1993 he ran the music label «Animal Art», since 2014 his own music label «Availabel».

Collaborations with Atom™, Miguel Carvalhais, Maile Colbert, Steve Van den Bosch, Bernhard Günter, Nikolaus Heyduck (Behrens Heyduck), Yôko Higashi, Francisco López, Paulo Raposo, Pedro Tudela, Ho. Turner and Achim Wollscheid, among others.
Concerts in many European countries, in South Africa, Chile, USA, Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, Israel and Palestine.

Selected solo shows
2018 «hyperMOODbox», by Annesley Black, Marc Behrens and Julia Mihály, main train stations of Frankfurt am Main, Darmstadt and Wiesbaden, Germany
2016 «Phantoms», MART Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
2015 «Fantastication», Fenstergalerie Will, Darmstadt, Germany
2015 «noissiM», Eschborn K/Galerie K, Eschborn, Germany
2015 «A Magnet Between Proteins and Sugar», Sismógrafo, Porto, Portugal
2010 «Phonebox 9/12, Apparatus», IMO, Copenhagen, Denmark
2009 «GGAAFFISEC», Weißfrauen Diakoniekirche, Frankfurt a.M., Germany
2005 «Video Works», Space–Galéria Priestor for Contemporary Arts, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
2004 «Of Mouths and Explosions», Ferens Art Gallery, Hull, U.K.
2003 «Correnti Sonore», with Alessandro Fogar, Centro europeo di arte e cultura Luciano Ceschia, Tarcento/UD, Italy
2003 «Foto- und Videoarbeiten», with Stephen Fenton, Galerie Station/Mousonturm, Frankfurt a.M., Germany
2002 «tenyearsofart», Wacker Kunst Galerie, Mühltal, Germany
2001 MAMÜ Galéria, Budapest, Hungary
2000 «Tokyo Circle», Galerie t-u-b-e, Munich, Germany
1999 «Experiment in Scale», Kunst.verladehalle, Rüsselsheim, Germany
1999 «Keyholes», INM-Institut für Neue Medien, Frankfurt a.M., Germany
1994 «Objekte», with Ho. Turner, Galerie Gartners, Frankfurt a.M., Germany
1989 «Virgo», Kunstfabrik Arheilgen, Darmstadt, Germany

Selected group shows
2017 «Bits and Pieces», Galerie Der Mixer, Frankfurt a.M., Germany
2017 «Il Suono in Mostra 2017», Udine, Italy
2016 «0°C», blanClass, Yokohama, Japan
2015 «Klang der Städte», Allgemeiner Konsumverein, Braunschweig, Germany
2015 «Serralves em Festa 2015», Museum and Park Serralves, Porto, Portugal
2013 «Tsonami, Festival de Arte Sonoro», Parque Cultural de Valparaiso, Chile
2012 «God Factor», Mosteiro de Tibães, Braga, Portugal
2012 «Ultrabody, 208 opere tra arte e design», Castello Sforzesco, Sale Viscontee, Milano, Italy
2011 «Rencontre avec le maître dans l’abîme», Navio Vazio, Porto, Portugal
2011 «Paivascapes #1», Binaural, along the Paiva river, Portugal
2010 «SoundArt 2010», Praetorium, Cologne, Germany
2010 «Deutscher Klangkunstpreis 2010», Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl, Germany
2008 «The Third Guangzhou Triennial», Time Museum/Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China
2007 «Sleppet», Galleri 3_14, Bergen and Møllergata 13, Oslo, Norway
2006 «Weather in my Brain», eslite Gallery, Taipei and National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan
2005 «Mülheimer Profile 2005», Kulturbunker Mülheim, Cologne, Germany
2005 «B!AS International Sound Art Exhibition», Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2004 «Observatori 2004», Museu de las Ciencias, Valencia, Spain
2003 «Electrograph», Athens Sound Media 03, Bios, Athens, Greece
2003 «Stazione di Topolò», Grimacco (UD), Italy
2002 performance with Achim Wollscheid, at «Frequenzen», Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt a.M., Germany
2001 «Sound in Art», Space–Galéria Priestor for Contemporary Arts, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
2000 «Erlanger Hörkunstfestival», Markgraphentheater, Erlangen, Germany
2000 «hEXPO – International Festival of Self-Organized Forms», Ljubljana, Slovenia
2000 «Hörgänge», Völksen, Germany
2000 «Sound Art – Sound as Media», ICC-InterCommunication Center, Tokyo, Japan
1998 «Stazione di Topolò», Grimacco (UD), Italy
1998 «Salon Vireal», INM-Institut für Neue Medien, Frankfurt a.M., Germany
1992 «Slaughterhouse», Wiesbaden, Germany

2010 Binaural, Nodar, Portugal
2008 Mamori Artlab, Brazil
2008 Qinghai Province (Goethe-Institut China), China
2004 Hull Time-Based Arts, Hull, U.K.
2002 Lampo, Chicago, USA
1999–2000 INM-Institut für Neue Medien, Frankfurt a.M., Germany

2013 Atmosphären, ZKM | Institut für Musik und Akustik, Karlsruhe, Germany
2010 Production Award of WDR 3 Culture Radio (featured in German Sound Art Award 2010)
2009 nominated for Qwartz 6 Music Award (Anthologies category)
2006 «Broadcasting Art I» (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y Léon, MUSAC & Radio Nacional de España – Radio 3)

Selected discography
2016 The Aesthetics of Censorship – digital (Availabel)
2015 The Religion of Toxins – digital (Availabel)
2014 Recurrent – digital (Impulsive Habitat)
2014 Bauteile, with Atom™ – CD/digital (Editions Mego, Austria)
2013 Queendom Maybe Rise – CD/digital (Crónica, Portugal)
2013 Irregular Characters – CD/booklet (Serralves/Soopa, Portugal)
2012 Unit/Cutting Qinghai – CD/book (and/OAR, USA)
2012 Final Final Ballet – 12"/digital (Entr’acte, U.K.)
2011 Apparatus – CDR (ΑΓΧΙΒΑΤΕΙΝ, Greece)
2011 20 Zonen – CD (Auf Abwegen, Germany)
2009 Sleppet – CD/digital (Crónica, Portugal)
2009 A Narrow Angle – CD (Entr’acte/U.K.)
2009 Compilation Works 1996–2005 – digital (Crónica)
2007 Architectural Commentaries 4&5 – CD (Entr’acte, U.K.)
2007 Entity Mülheim – double DVD (Auf Abwegen, Germany)
2006 Hades, with Paulo Raposo – CD (and/OAR, USA)
2005 Kosovski Rekvijem-Requiem i Kosovės-Kosovo Requiem – 3″CDR (Oblast, USA)
2005 Plastic Metal, with Nikolaus Heyduck – double CD (Antifrost, Greece)
2004 Further Consequences Of Reinterpretation, with Paulo Raposo – CD (Crónica, Portugal)
2004 Animistic (for Donatella) – CD (Auf Abwegen, Germany)
2004 A Szellem Álma, with Francisco López – double CD (.absolute.[koblenz], Germany)
2003 Security vs. Freedom – double 3″CD (edition..., USA)
2002 Architectural Commentaries – CD (CMR, New Zealand)
2001 Elapsed Time – CD (intransitive, USA)
2001 Transition – double 3″CD (edition..., USA)
2001 Integração – CD (Sirr, Portugal)
1999 Contraction – CD (Digital Narcis, Japan)
1998 Final Ballet – CD (Rastermusic/Noton, Germany)
1995 Advanced Environmental Control – CD (trente oiseaux, Germany)

Selected productions for radio
2015 «SoundCard Porto» – hr2-kultur, The Artist’s Corner
2013 «Progress» – Deutschlandradio Kultur, Klangkunst
2012 «Bauteile» (Atom™ & Marc Behrens) – Deutschlandradio Kultur, Klangkunst
2012 «Crowd» – WDR 3 open: Studio Akustische Kunst
2010 «20 Zonen» – hr2-kultur, The Artist’s Corner
2009 «Bushdesertrainforest» – WDR 3 open: Studio Akustische Kunst
2008 «Sleppet/A Narrow Angle» – Deutschlandradio Kultur, Klangkunst